The Miracle that is 734 Coffee

This is Manyang Reath Ker. His coffee is 734 Coffee. The name is more than a number. 7˚N 34˚E are the geographical coordinates for Gambela, a region in Ethiopia where over 200,000 displaced South Sudanese citizens now live after fleeing war, atrocities, drought, and famine in South Sudan.
734 Coffee is about building a brighter future for the displaced mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters of Sudan; it is harvested by growers right in the Gambela region, whom Manyang ensures are all refugees and after it is brought to the US, 80% proceeds go right back to scholarships and education programs for refugees of Sudan.
Myself and Manyang have worked on an incredible piece which we will be sharing on Lifestoryontheroad in the coming week. Don’t miss it!

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