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Do you want to give them a Christmas present this year, that they’ll really cherish?

Simple. Book a Life Story Recording for yourself, a parent or a grandparent.

Life Story Recording assists you in preserving your biography in audio form.

Here is a video detailing the process –

Fantastic week recording Sheila Foster – she has led such a diverse and full life and continues to do so, ticking off her lengthy bucket list with gusto! It was a privilege to record her life.

Posted by Life Story On The Road on Wednesday, 15 May 2019

The process is straightforward and pleasurable and the result is life-affirming and everlasting.

Life Story Recording Presentation Box

Your family will possess the recording forever. It will be a priceless addition to family photographs and videos for generations to come.

Digital recording is inside

Prices start at 350 Euro.

If you are interested please send me an e-mail on –

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087 – 2825424

Here is a recent review from the magnificent Brendon Colvert –

“I am very fortunate that my daughter, Brenda, introduced me to Russell and thereby it became possible to record significant details of my long life. Memory recalls treasured moments and induces nostalgic emotions; Russell has recorded the details in entertaining, chronological sequences; it enables me to discuss highlights of my career, family triumphs, adventures or treasured memories. Russell ‘s interviews are pleasant, his zealous research inspires confidence and his presentation is subtle and very artistic. I have pleasure in commending his work.”

The magnificent Brendon Colvert


Russell, Life Story Recording


  1. The first five bookings receive a free face to face consultation.
  2. You will possess a most valuable family heirloom. Your family will cherish this gift for generations to come.
  3. You don’t need to be concerned whether your stories are ‘interesting’ enough. Your children and grandchildren will cherish possessing your life story and hearing your voice, in your accent, relating your life.
  4. Any number of people can sit in on the recording.
  5. You will receive an original poem inspired by your recording.
  6. You can hand out the recordings to all of your family members as presents.
  7. The process of recording your life story possesses scientifically proven benefits to health and well being.
  8. You will not be nervous, believe me, everyone thoroughly enjoys the process and the results of the recording.
  9. You only have to talk about what you are comfortable talking about and you will have full control over the content of the final recording.

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