Manyang Reath Kher encompasses an alluring manner which makes you believe in him, so I wasn’t at all surprised when I read that Pete Buttigieg, who is running for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 United States presidential nomination, endorsed Manyang and 734 coffee for his work in raising awareness for refugees.

Pete Buttigieg stated on Twitter – “Refugees are looking for opportunity, not a hand out. It’s time to change the conversation around refugees. A former Sudanese refugee turned entrepreneur founded @734 Coffee to be that change and give back to those left behind. Let’s follow his example this #WorldRefugeeDay.”

Manyang is the man. I have spent the last number of months speaking with the incomparable Manyang Reath Kher and recording his life story. It has been my privilege to speak with him and witness one of the great life stories. Myself and Manyang have worked on an incredible piece which we will be sharing on Lifestoryontheroad in the coming week. Don’t miss it.

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