There is a curious road going south off the road between Ballina and Sligo at Dromore West. Akin to a time machine rollercoaster ride, it is a single track that larrups up and down over the Ox Mountains, it looks like the Ireland of a hundred years ago.

The few buildings which dot the road were around before The Great War. Some, have been around since before Napoleon.

The most common entity up here is the Mayo Black-faced sheep. After the Great Famine during the 1850s, the Irish Landlords, who owned vast estates in the mountains, imported thousands of these sheep from Scotland, through Killary Harbour. They are hardy, possessing long coarse wool which protects them from rain and cold winds; they can withstand the harsh climate of the western coast of Ireland and survive on plants such as heather. They never ask for much.

But they now have their own icon, from the hand of Ore. Inside, there are two other pieces from another artist.

They will divide opinion.

They make this curious road all the more curious.